Addis Ababa

Work Hours
Monday to Saturday: 8AM - 5PM



Mission Statement

Mission Statement IStar’s mission statement is “We create a superior products and service using our human resources and technology, thereby contributing to a better society.” IStar focuses on the following components in its corporate mission: Superiority of products and services,…

Vision Statement

Vision Statement IStar’s corporate vision is to o “Inspire the world with our innovative products that make people’s lives easy and contribute to social prosperity by Creating the best version of tomorrow.” The company follows this vision statement to maintain…


 We comply with laws and ethical standards §We respect dignity and diversity of individuals §We compete fairly, complying with laws and business ethics §We maintain accounting transparency by keeping accurate records §We do not intervene in politics and we maintain…

urjiin Summery

urjiin is an Ethiopian Technology company headquartered in Addis Ababa. That specializes in five industries those are Internet, Electronics, Automotive, Robotics, and Space, The company focuses on the design, development, and sale of consumer electronics, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, software,…