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Vision Statement

Vision Statement

IStar’s corporate vision is to o “Inspire the world with our innovative products that make people’s lives easy and contribute to social prosperity by Creating the best version of tomorrow.” The company follows this vision statement to maintain profitable technology business operations that contribute to the improvement of people’s lives. IStar frequently refers to a shortened version of this corporate vision: “Creating the best version of tomorrow” The company extensively implements this statement throughout its subsidiaries’ operations in the consumer electronics, internet, robotics and automotive. The following components are contained in IStar’s vision statement: Global inspiration, Innovation, Improvement of lives and future social prosperity Based on its vision statement, IStar’s strategic objectives include the development of products that inspire. Moreover, the vision statement indicates strategic efforts that include IStar’s corporate social responsibility strategy for improving people’s lives and contributing to social prosperity. This corporate vision means that the company sees itself as a mover and major contributor to the world’s improvement through consumer electronics, internet, robotics automotive, and other products that add value to people’s lives and society. In a way related to the mission statement

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